Travis Live

Travis yesterday: GREAT! These lads are still one of the most sympathetic and down-to-earth bands I’ve seen. They captured the audience from the first notes of Selfish Jean to the fadeout of Why Does It Always Rain On Me, and inbetween we were treated with tons of their catchy and loveable popsongs. As always, the songs came across much more energetic and rocky than on the albums. Fran Healy and his mates still seem to have a lot of fun on stage, and that easily spread over to us.

There were many highlights, including As You Are, Sing, Britney-cover Hit Me Baby and my all-time favourite Turn; but when Travis called supporting act The Taste onto the stage again, and they all sung Flowers In The Window together – just accompanied by Healy on guitar – it was just pure magic! The rather short duration of the concert (1 1/2 hours) and beer prices like in Sweden dampened the impression a bit, but apart from that, it was a truly memorable evening. I highly recommend that you go and see the band if you’ve got the chance… I will definitely do so again next time!!! Here are some pics; as they are mobilephone-shots, the quality is not that good though.

btw.: we missed the supporting act, but Fran Healy told us all to check them out as they’re apparently very passionate musicians. I will do so, and maybe they’ll pop up on this blog soon! 🙂


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