Catching Up, Part I

Let’s start with a first recommendation from Last.FM:

User Vivjen-smitsmit has pointed me to a Russian band called Rates Of Exchange. They have only released a promo single so far, but the two songs really have potential. It’s a good blend of Indie-pop and New Wave, and should appeal to a wide audience.

Rates Of Exchange were formed in 2001 in Moscow, in the melancholy of post-communist urban landscape, as they say themselves. Their idea behind the music is “a simple pure emotion that comes from the modern life”. Rate Of Exchange‘s MySpace says the band consists of four members, but other than that, not much more information is to be found (and try googling this name!). So without further ado, here are the two songs for your listening pleasure:

Rates Of Exchange – Like A Renegade (MP3)
Rates Of Exchange – The Game (MP3)

(the songs are also available on the band’s MySpace in a better quality)


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