Back Again!

Hot summer sun, crystal-clear water, excellent diving and very friendly locals… but also a rather unsatisfying hotel, too many rude and mannerless tourists and a rather annoying entertainment programm… yep, that pretty much sums up my latest holiday in Egypt. Not the best holiday I’ve had so far, but it was good enough to get some rest and reload those batteries. Pics follow down below…

So, I’ve obviously missed the whole Radiohead-stunt while I was away. I kinda like the idea of their marketing decision. I haven’t downloaded the album though… after listening to some songs online, it was clear to me that I will definitely order the physical CD in January. I am still a collector of music, and music is more to me than just bits and bytes. But I’m curious to see where we and especially other artists go from here!

I’ve also gotten a few new suggestions for Music From Denmark which I will check out and add during this week. Stay tuned for that, and send more artists this way!

It’s been busy on MySpace as well; a few new friend requests, and some messages about new stuff. Same goes for Last.FM… it looks like I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Not to forget the stuff that came to my mailbox, and of course all that’s been happening around the blogosphere….

You see, work never stops, and sadly (or luckily?), the same also applies for the real work (yeah, the one that pays my rent and stuff…). So please be patient with me as I have to get my head around many things this week… I’ll give my best to bring you more Music Of The Moment!


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