Flashback Friday – Not Today…

No flashbacks today, sorry. I was busy the whole week with packing for my next holiday (starting tomorrow, btw.). But here are a few new bits and bobs you might be interested in:

On October 6th, Glaswegians Airspiel will release a new single called I Don’t Know You. Once again, it’s a great and catchy powerrock-song, and if you don’t know Airspiel yet, you should definitely check them out! Debut album is available via their homepage, and the single will be released on iTunes and other download sites. Here’s a short clip:

Airspiel – I Don’t Know You (MP3, Clip)

New additions to Music From Denmark:

The Late Parade


Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming. And please: post at least one link to a bandsite! Makes it easier for me to find them! I will also start adding Last.FM-links to the site in the future. Keep spreading the word!

Hot Chip offers a new song from their forthcoming album. Just click here, leave some information and (any) email, and get I Became A Volunteer for free! I don’t like everything by the band, but this one is quite ok.

And here’s a quick tipp from our friend J.A.: Ringo Deathstarr (you just have to love this name! 😀 ), an Austin-based quartet offering us some very cool Ambient/Shoegaze-tracks. Really worth listening!

Ringo Deathstarr – Sweet Girl
Ringo Deathstarr – Some Kind Of Sad (MP3)

That’s all for now. I will be on holiday for the next two week, so please check back in week 42 again. Have a good time! 🙂


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