Rave On!

My next concert was on the list yesterday, and it went a whole lot better than the last one. I took the car this time, had not much traffic, and found a parking spot near the location. So far so good. And although I took a detour while searching the concert hall, I arrived just in time to get me a beer, and grab a spot just in front of the stage. And then the Havana Guns started the warm-up.

The young London band seemed a bit concerned at first that they might not get through to the not-yet-so-big audience, but their straight-forward and catchy songs were received very well by the people. They already have a few great tunes up their sleeves (check the homepage for downloads), and if they keep working and polishing their songs, we might well see a proper and probably very catchy album one day. They did a pretty good job to get us in the mood for the headliner, and their modest and friendly attitude secured them a lot of sympathies amongst the audience. Here are some impressions:

After a short break during which Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo set up their stage and tuned their instruments themselves, the Raveonettes were finally ready to hit us with their 60s-inspired surf-rock. And it was indeed full speed from the beginning! The setlist consisted of older hits and quite a few songs from the next album which will be called Lust Lust Lust, and will be released in November. It looks like it’s going to be another great one, and it should definitely bring some Californian sunshine into our dark and foggy autumn days!

Sune and Sharin really seemed to enjoy the gig, and at one point Sharin used the clichée-phrase that we really “are the best audience on this tour yet“; but somehow you could see it in his face that he really ment it! The mood was really good, people were dancing and clapping along to all songs, new and old. My highlight was Love In A Trashcan and a new one called You Want The Candy; just wait until you hear this… it will really blow you away!

After just about an hour, the main set was over, but we surely wanted to hear more, and we got it… twice! After the first encore with two songs, the Raveonettes just had to get up on stage once more for another song, and they were really happy about it guessing from their expressions. Then the gig was over, and we were dismissed into the night.

I really enjoyed both bands, the setting was cool, the ambience was high-flying… what do you want more from a concert? So, let’s:



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