Great Sunday, Shitty Monday

We couldn’t have picked a better day for our little blogger’s meeting. Morten, his family and myself spent a wonderful day in and around Lucerne on Sunday, talked a lot about blogging and new bands, but – due to Morten having to drive back to the hotel later – had only one beer! But I’m sure we will have another chance to get some more of that. It was really nice nonetheless meeting the whole gang again.

Then Monday came. The day was ok, but in the evening, my motorbike was collected by the police! They have caught me speeding, and since my bike should be throttled (but isn’t really… 🙂 ), I was way too fast. So, the bike was checked this morning, but they figured that it must have only been the wearout of some parts that made the bike faster over the years. Lucky for me… I only have to get it repaired now and throttle it again, and probably pay the usual fine for speeding, but I can keep the drivers license and will get the motorbike back soon. Phew!

Nonetheless I couldn’t think about anything else yesterday, and especially not a blog entry. My spirits were pretty dampened this morning, too, until the police contacted me with the outcome, but now there’s a little ray of sun again. And speaking of ray (wow, what a lame transition!), here’s a little something for you:

Ray is from London, and is a four-piece playing catchy and shoegaze-related indie-rock. Their debut album First Light came out in 2001, followed by Deep Blue Happy (2005) and Daylight In The Darkroom (2006). Right now, they have a new single called Great Strange Dream, and you can find that on various major download-stores.

Here are some of the songs, and they are all worth a big earful. Especially This Is A Wave is a great track!

Ray – Blood & Gold (MP3, from Deep Blue Happy)
Ray – Mountain Song (MP3, from Daylight In The Darkroom)
Ray – This Is A Wave (MP3)
Ray – November’s Rain (MP3)

There’s one more free song to download on MySpace, and some streams on Last.FM and BeBo.


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