Music From Denmark

A while ago, I’ve told you about a little project that I’m working on, and finally, it’s ready to be released into the wild! Just a quick recap:

In a music forum I frequently visit, I was asked to make a list of what I think are the best artists from Denmark. At first, I’ve just made the list, and then added links to the artists’ websites and whenever possible, free MP3s. I was quite pleased with the result, and started thinking about taking it a bit further. I thought it would be nice for people outside the forum to get a quick overview of Danish artists, so I decided to start a new blog, and aptly named it

I tried to keep the blog as simple as possible (I just can’t have another full-time-blog besides MOTM!); no fancy plugins, widgets or whatever you might call it. Just a list that gives you a short description of what the artist will sound like, gets you quickly to their website or lets you listen to a song or two. Simple as that!

I know that the list at this stage is nowhere near complete (and I guess it will never be!), and thererfore I’d like to invite you to contribute to the blog. Blog-buddy Morten has already agreed to help (it’s good to have a source in the “enemy’s territory!” 😀 ), and I hope a few of my readers will do the same, especially if it’s such an easy thing to do:

– visit Music From Denmark
– write a comment under the letter that the bandname starts with
– give me the band name, music style, websites (official and/or MySpace will do)
– if possible, add links to free and legal MP3s, and to free and legal MP3s only!
– send comment, finished!

I will then check the band, and if I think it fits the roster (keep it indie/alternative!), I will add it as quickly as possible.

Of course you can excactly do the same if you’re a Danish artist yourself. Just add your comment, or contact me via my MySpace.

And one last thing I’d like to ask you to do: spread the word! If you’re a blogger, let your readers know. If you have a MySpace-profile, write a short bulletin to your friends and link to this post. If you know any Danish artists that are missing on the list, let them know. Go around your town and paint it on every wall! Well, maybe don’t do the last thing, but you get my drift, do you? The list can grow with your help, and I hope it does.

As a little thank you, here are a few of my favourite songs from the list. You can find more on the blog, and I will add even more as you’re reading this.

And now: enjoy MUSIC FROM DENMARK!!!

August & The Red Apples – Desert Night Sky
Funky Nashville – Hitch A Ride
Kind Of Girl – Poetry Boy
The Kissaway Trail – Smother + Evil = Hurt
Late Night Venture – Lazy Star
Placenta – Brittle Eyes


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