Lazy Post…

The fine lads from riotactmedia often send blogger-friendly mails to me; meaning that all a blogger needs to introduce a band is already written in these mails. So why invent something new when you just can copy and paste? 😀 Here’s a good one:

The guys in Head Of Femur have just put the finishing touches on their Limited Edition EP entitled Leader And The Falcon. And in celebration of its October 2nd release the Chicago based band is planning a full east coast assault, out to CMJ and back again. All this in anticipation of their full length which is now tentatively slated for an early 2008 release.

Head Of Femur, oft-called Chicagos answer to the Shins, continue to be one of the most willfully weird bands to break out of Nebraska, enlisting some 21 musicians to play on their 2005 SpinART sophomore release, ‘Hysterical Stars‘. Two years later, the band has stripped down to a more accessible 5-piece while still managing to stay true to their ambitious trademark sound, lacing together art-rock sensibilities reflective of the Talking Heads and the organic, home-grown feel of Neil Young and The Band.

Below are mp3s from not only the forthcoming EP, but also 2005’s Hysterical Stars. Make sure you check out the title track of the new EP, or else you’ll miss a damn cool song!!!

Head Of Femur – Leader And The Falcon (MP3)
Head Of Femur – Elliott Gould Is In California Split (MP3)
Head Of Femur – Oh You’re Blue (MP3)
Head Of Femur – Curve That Bird (MP3)


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