I’m not writing very much about Electronica, but I do have a soft spot for that synthetic stuff somewhere inside me. I guess the 80ies must have planted that bug. Anyway, I just came across this project called Datassette, and after listening to a few tunes, I’ve decided that it’s good enough to get a mention here.

Information on who’s behind Datassette is scarce; I only know that the project’s based in London and has been around for a few years now. It could well be another “bedroom-artist”, but then, it could also not. Maybe someone knows a bit more than me…?

What made me take a closer look at Datassette is the cover-versions that he/she/they offer on their website. Be it the reworks of classics like Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush and Don’t You Want Me from Human League, or newer stuff like Untitled from Interpol and that certain whistling song from Peter, Björn & Benny (or something like that… 😉 ); Datassette‘s versions sound very fresh, but manage to keep the spirit of the original tune. I have yet to listen to his/her/their own tunes (and there are lots available on the website!), but I can imagine that I’ll find the odd tune that might become a long-time-companion.

If your interest has been spawned now, I suggest that you visit Datassette‘s website for tons of tracks and mixtapes, and also DWD Releases, where you can download the latest album Maintenance Werk II in its full glory. Beep… out!

Datassette – Fash Part One (MP3) (from Maintenance Werk II)
Datassette – Young Folks (MP3) (Peter, Björn & John cover)
Datassette – Running Up That Hill (MP3) (Kate Bush cover)
Datassette – Untitled (MP3) (Interpol cover)
Datassette – Don’t You Want Me (MP3) (Human League cover, and a feast for every C64-fan!)


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