Not From The U.K.!

Honestly… could you say no to a pair of lovely, innocent girls like the ones pictured above if they’d ask you to promote their music? Yeah, thought so… neither could I! And of course the songs they’ve sent me helped as well. So here are Hearts Of Palm U.K.!

The two girls go by the names of Erica Elektra and Ambi D.… I’ll leave it up to you to decide if they’re their real names or not. They sure sound pretty cool, don’t they? And so does the music: Erica‘s voice blends perfectly with her keyboards and beats, while Ambi adds her share with the help of triangle, tambourine, guitar, keys and even glockenspiel! The result is lovely lo-fi-pop with electro-beats, completed with a hint of dance and two spoons full of folk.

The two friends have known each other since junior high; Erica has been playing the piano since she was three years old, and started to write songs at the age of 16. She was a lead-singer/guitarist for The Fancies and played alongside bands like Sleater Kinney and the Donnas before she recruited her friend Ambi to make music as Hearts Of Palm U.K.

But enough of the talk, let’s get straight to the music. Here are two songs recorded at KXLU radio station (wherever they may be…), and make sure you also visit the band’s MySpace and listen to the brilliant Portugal 1! And while you’re there, leave a comment to the girls… I’m sure they’d like it, as long as you don’t ask them about the U.K.! 🙂

Hearts Of Palm U.K. – I Flow (MP3)

Hearts Of Palm U.K. – Jonathan (MP3)

And for those that have been living in a hole for the last couple of days, or simply have missed it for other reasons: here’s the first single from Cease To Begin, the next Band Of Horses album, to be released on October 5th. Great tune, me thinks… and with the songs I’ve already heard at the concert earlier this year, I’m pretty sure the album will not disappoint!

Band Of Horses – Is There A Ghost (MP3)

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