Another Trip To Denmark

It’s probably no secret anymore that I’m a big fan of Scandinavian music, and a lot of my current favourites come from way up north. This band here is no exception; if you’ve been reading mine and Morten‘s blog frequently, you already might be familiar with them. The reason I’m writing another post on Bahnhof is that I’ve just recently received their debut album; and according to the label, I’m the first in Switzerland who has ordered it! 🙂

Bahnhof is Janus Kortermann Jauch (vocals, guitars, keys), Ulf Benzon Soll (bass, backing vocals), Jesper Hother (guitars, backing vocals, keys) and Anders Urbak (drums); they have released their first EP in 2005, and earlier in 2007, the debut album Reverse saw the light of day through Strange Ear Recordings.

Musically, the band resides in the indie-rock category, but the addition of electronica gives the sound a very energetic feel that you might know from powerpop-bands. The fellow Danes from Carpark North or Spleen United might come to might when listening to Reverse. The 10 tracks on the album are all very catchy, and opener Call The Police is easily one of the best rock pieces coming from Denmark this year. Other songs like A Brighter Day are clearly rooted in 80ies synthie-wave, and Speed is a modern powerpop-dance-track that would really go well in every indie-disco!

You see, Denmark’s music scene never ceases to amaze me, and Bahnhof are another addition to the already long list of great Danish bands. Speaking of which: I’m currently working on a overview of Danish bands which I intend to incorporate into my blog. Until that one’s finished, I urge you to check out Bahnhof. Find A Brighter Day as a download below, watch the video for Speed, and you can also listen to three more songs (including the brilliant Call The Police!) on their MySpace. The band is eager to deliver more CDs abroad, so make sure you visit Strange Ears Recordings or iTunes to get a hold of Reverse!

Bahnhof – A Brighter Day (MP3)

Speed (directed by Thomas Mikkelsen):


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