So Much For Summer…

It has been raining yesterday and all night here, and lots of rivers here in Switzerland have flooded the land. Thousands of firemen are working since hours to keep the havoc as low as possible, but there have already been major damages. In the city where I work, a building already collapsed, there were power outages, and the old wooden bridge, one of the trademarks, is in danger of being swept away. Check the pics below (the bridge is on the left side):

This is how it usually looks like.

This morning, about 1 hour ago.

Latest news says that the situation is at least a bit stable now, and the water isn’t rising much more. Also, it should stop raining later in the day. I guess the proportions of the whole situation will become clearer only in the next few hours. As it is, my office is on the second floor, and has power, so it’s back to work for me now. And I don’t even feel sad about that…

Strawberry Switchblade – Deep Water (Live)

The Rainbirds – Water Water Water

Futureheads – Danger Of The Water

Indochine Feat. Brian Molko – Pink Water

Aretha Franklin – Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bright Eyes – Train Under Water


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