Swiss Tool

It’s kind of difficult to describe a band when you only know a handful of songs, and it is even more difficult if the band plays ProgRock. Most prog-albums should be heard in one go, and in the excact song order. From what I’ve read this rule also applies to Prisma‘s debut album Collusion. My copy of the album hasn’t arrived yet, but I have decided to introduce you to the band anyway.

First of all, I have to mention that Prisma is a Swiss band. As you might know, I don’t write about Swiss bands too often (which is a shame, really…). But Prisma deserves to be heard as their sound feels very international, and it is not too hard to imagine that they could be a big act outside of the borders of our little country…

Prisma has been around for a couple of years now. They started touring in 2002, and competed (most of the time successfully) in quite a few newcomer contests. This led to various engagements as openers for some well-known Swiss acts like Gotthard or Favez, or for Finnish Rock-act Waltari. Finally, in spring 2006, Prisma released their debut album Collusion. It was recorded and mixed by the band itself, and was then mastered by New Yorker Howie Weinberg, known for his work with The Smashing Pumpkins, The Mars Volta or The Young Gods, another famous Swiss act.

You can read the name “Tool” in most of the reviews for Collusion, and I think this comes pretty close (even if I don’t know too much from Tool). Also bands like Riverside or Porcupine Tree come to my mind, so this should be a feast for any ProgRock-lover. I guess I will spot some more influences when I finally listen to the complete album. But one other thing that most of the reviewers write is that Prisma are not just cheap copycats, but have managed to create an album as original and inventive as the ones from their “bigger” brothers.

You can buy the CD here and here if you live in Switzerland, for international orders use CDBaby or CDPulse. If you still think that Switzerland’s only trademark are cows and cheese, think again… you might want to add ProgRock to that list! 🙂

from Collusion (2006):

Prisma – Paragon (MP3)
Prisma – Over Bodies And Cases (MP3)
Prisma – Glide In (MP3)

Demo 2003:

Prisma – Nobody (MP3)


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