Another One To Discover

With so much good music to discover, it happens more than often that I just miss a singer, band or song that I really should have listened to. I guess Maritime is just one of those bands. Now I’ve heard of the band before, but I never really heard a song by them. But yesterday, I came across two new songs, and they got me hooked instantly! Time to catch up then!

Apparently, the band had several line-up changes during their existence, but seem to have settled now. Dan Didier on drums, Davey von Bohlen on guitar and vocals, Justin Klug on bass and Dan Hinz on guitar are Maritime now. Heresy And The Hotel Choir will be Maritime‘s third album, following Glass Floor and We, The Vehicles. Now I’ve only heard those songs I’ve posted below so far, but I guess if the rest of their indie-poprock is as catchy as this, I really should get some more.

Maritime will also be touring in 2008 and promote the new album. Keep your eyes on this blog for more information!

from Heresy And The Hotel Choir:
Guns Of Navarone (MP3)
For Science Fiction (MP3)

from We, The Vehicles:
Calm (MP3)
Parade Of Punk Rock T-Shirts (MP3)

from Glass Floor:
Sleep Around (MP3)
A Night Like This (MP3)

Future Is Wired (MP3)
I Used To Be A Singer (MP3)


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