Happy Birthday To Us!

It’s Switzerland’s National holiday today, which means fireworks, parties and best of all: no work! But before I head off into a whole day of dolce vita, here’s a Swiss mixtape. You can find more informations on these bands on last.fm or myspace, if you’re interested. Have a good day and Uf Wiederluege! 🙂

Camp – Dramatic (MP3)

Heidi Happy – Can’t You Decide (MP3)
Heidi Happy – Back Together (MP3)

Highfish – 5-0-2 (MP3)
Highfish – The Pebbleton (MP3)

Cloudride – Loneliness (MP3)
Cloudride – Pain In The Ass (MP3)

Serpentine – Ghostkisser (MP3)
Serpentine – All Alone (MP3)

Neviss – All My Friends (MP3)
Neviss – Don Quixote (MP3)

Frantic – Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (MP3)
Frantic – Realize It (MP3)


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