From Spain To Switzerland To Sweden

Yet another tipp from our Spanish friend J.A.: here’s Animasola. This four-piece from Sweden lists Radiohead, Coldplay, U2 and Mew amongst others as their influences, but in my opinion it’s mostly U2 that you will hear on these songs. Nothing bad about that though; Panic and Goodbye sound original enough to stand on their own.

There’s not much information on the band itself, and my Swedish isn’t good enough (actually, it’s non-existent!) to read the live-reviews on the website. But I guess if Animasola is at the right place in the right time, they could really hit it big. The songs surely have the potential to please a larger crowd. Hear for yourself!

Animasola – Panic (MP3)
Animasola – Goodbye (MP3)
Animasola – Hint Of A Spark (MP3)


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