More Than 7 Seconds

23, to be precise! 23 Seconds is a Swedish netlabel with the aim to share music (and art and other works, for that matter!). Of course I’m concentrating on the music part, and it is quite a diverse one. Most of the acts are from Sweden, but 23 Seconds also has some Norwegian, Dutch and even Canadian or Australian acts in the line-up. There’s a range from Electronica to Pop to Garage Rock to Folk, so I guess everyone should find something to like. 23 Seconds also offers full and free sampler downloads. So head over to their homepage and start discovering some new sounds!

here are some of my picks:

Please – Retrospective Rundown (MP3)

Ixtlan – Feedback Baby (MP3)
Ixtlan – Groovy Feeling (MP3)

Jesse Caron – Popsong (MP3)
Jesse Caron – Meteorite (MP3)


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