Flashback Friday – Tapes ‘N Tapes ‘N Tapes…

Was rummaging through some old stuff in boxes lately and came across my tape collection from those younger years. I always loved to compile mixtapes back then, and I still do, except the tapes are now CDs! I remember spending Sunday afternoons in front of the radio, listening to the charts and recording tapes. And of course getting angry when the presenter talked into a song, or it was interrupted by the news or commercials. This always ment waiting another week for another recording opportunity… the days of internet and getting whatever song you fancy in a few seconds were far, far away…

When I started buying vinyl and got my first double-tape-deck, I took mixtapes on a higher level. Soon, I had a nice collection of tapes, labelled carefully (by hand, as you can see!), and my relatives started to get mixtapes as a gift regularly. Back then, I wasn’t too concerned with the flow of the tape… I’ve just found a tape where hard-rockers Queensryche sit comfortably between Samantha Fox and the Pet Shop Boys… followed by Judas Priest! 😀 Well, I can tell you that this improved over time!

Just a few weeks ago, I have compiled two double-CDs for friends, one for a 30th Birthday, the other one for a wedding. Both parties were really blown away by them, saying honestly how much they love the songs. I can only assume that I did something right, and it was once again proof to me that a well-compiled mixtape still makes a perfect gift!

So here are some tracks that I’ve just re-discovered whilst going through my tape collection. I have to say that I found most of the songs on that fabulous forum over at the Born Again 80s-blog. If you’re ever in need of a track of that era, especially remixes or rare versions, just let the guys there know… you’d be surprised how many “lost” songs will start to reappear!

M&G – When I Let You Down (Extended Mix)
(a huge disco-hit here, and apparently a very sought-after vinyl… check the prices here!!!)

Adamski Feat. Seal – Killer (12″ Mix)
(yep, that excact Seal; this was the first time I’ve heard of him. Thank God he changed the hair-do!)

Breakfast Club – Never Be The Same (Shep Pettibone Remix)
(this was the band that Madonna used to play drums in; cool song, and in no relation whatsoever with the famous movie of the same name!)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Massive Retaliation (The Super Massive UK Remix)
(I’ve brought this vinyl back from my first USA-trip; never a big hit for the band, but still one of my favourite tunes!)

Edelweiss – Bring Me Edelweiss (Tourist Version)
(here you have yodelling, saw-noises and schuhplattler all mixed up with ABBA’s S.O.S…. quite a combination! And it still manages to get a smile out of me after all these years!)

Hubert Kah – Sternenhimmel (Extended)
(and a bit of Neue Deutsche Welle for you; Mr. Kah was quite famous for his performances in his nightgown or a straitjacket! 🙂 )


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