A Northern Relative…

We’re going up north again today, and visit Finland. This is the home of Sister Flo, a five-piece who got together for just a simple reason: writing songs and playing them to other people. Yep, it’s as easy as that!

Sister Flo released their debut album Boys Of Cat in 2001, and got raving reviews from critics in their home-country. Although the music didn’t reach too far outside Finland, there was lots of positive feedback from around the world. The band started touring in Finland, and sold out Boys Of Cat in only five months. The whole album is now available for free on their homepage!

In 2002, Sister Flo released an EP called Landcrabs, which again got good reviews from radio stations in Finland. And again, the EP was sold out quickly, and the band played also some venues in Stockholm and London for the EP. Landcrabs is also available on the homepage as a free download.

Another EP – Proper Kites – followed in 2004, and later that year, the second studio album Tragicians Hat was released. 2007 finally saw a new release in the form of The Healer, the third album.

It’s kind of tricky to describe the sound of Sister Flo as I understand that they have apparently changed their style a bit over the years. The songs carry a somewhat melancholic theme, but are on the other hand hopeful as well. It’s a perfect case for Let The Music Speak, so here are some works of the band. There are some songs from The Healer on their MySpace, and make sure you watch the great video for Hyvinkää down below.


From Tragicians Hat:

Sister Flo – White Noise (MP3)
Sister Flo – They’d Better Build A Dam Field Island (MP3)

From Landcrabs:

Sister Flo – Honey Lust (MP3)
Sister Flo – Stars (MP3)
Sister Flo – Magic (MP3)

From Boys Of Cat:

Sister Flo – People Used To Like Our Music (MP3)
Sister Flo – Last Leg (MP3)
Sister Flo – Gecko (MP3)



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