The I is a strange thing. The I lives in Oslo, Norway, and The I is on a mission. The I‘s mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no popband has gone before. The I doesn’t release songs; The I discovers anomalies. Yes, The I is quite a strange thing.

Nonetheless, us unknowing human beings should listen to The I, for their mission is an interesting one. The anomalies they have discovered so far are eager to be heard, and they certainly won’t hurt your listening device. Help The I continue their mission, help them discover more anomalies. Stranger things have happened (I remember a certain comic frog ruling music charts on our home-planet…), so it is crucial that The I goes on, travelling through time and space, maybe one day discovering a cure for bad music. And that’s a noble cause to support, isn’t it? (find more anomalies here)


The I – Treksuit (MP3)
The I – Neurock (MP3)
The I – Senser (MP3)
The I – Make It (MP3)

Thanks to J.A. for discovering The I!


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