New Friends From Netherlands

I have a big list of MySpace-requests to go through. As I don’t just want to accept or deny a request, but check out a new friend properly before I take any actions, you can imagine that this is quite time-consuming. But every now and then I get a request that doesn’t take much time before I know that we will get along. Here’s one of those:

Millstone is from the Netherlands and was founded by brothers Michel and Danny Meijer. Once old enough, their younger brother Wiljan joined the band, and guitarist Paul Kruis later completed the line-up. Their sound is a blend of acoustic and alternative indie-rock, and they remind me a bit of a grungier version of Danish band Saybia (the voice of Danny also has a slight similarity to that of Soren Huss). Other influences – as stated on their MySpace – are Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and Foo Fighters.

Millstone has already released some Demos, but are still unsigned. The latest news entry on their official page is from February 2007 though, so there might have been some changes in the meantime. The band apparently plays two gigs in the Netherlands in September, so I guess they’re still around somewhere! 🙂

Here are three songs from their latest demo Turned To Stone, and you can download one more, really good song from their MySpace. Give it a listen!

Millstone – Turned To Stone (MP3)
Millstone – Ten Years (MP3)
Millstone – Lost And Found (MP3)


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