Shiny And New

Indie-Folk-Pop-Singer/Songwriter Iron & Wine has released a new single called Boy With A Coin, and it’s worth an earful! You can either download it on iTunes, buy it at Subpop, or download it for free on the artist’s MySpace-site… or of course here!

Iron & Wine – Boy With A Coin (MP3)

UKs indie-combo Bauer constantly releases new and very catchy New-Brit-tunes, and most of them are available for free. So here are two of their latest releases, the good Signs and the very charming Isn’t It A Perfect World! Check their MySpace-sites for more stuff.

Bauer – Signs (MP3)
Bauer – Isn’t It A Perfect World (MP3)

And finally, Sweden’s singer/songwriter Kristofer Aström is back with a new song called Just A Little Insane. It’s taken from his latest album, Rainaway Town, and is available here; you will need to enter an email-address, but a fake one will do! 😉

And here’s a fine chapter in Boy Vs. Girl-history: the Manics battle it out with “Miss Cardigan” Nina Persson… nice one! 🙂


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