Two MySpace-Bits

ZIO (formerly known as Zero In On) has released a new song called Soot. It will be the next single from their latest album Pillow Talk. The Swiss band has been touring through the USA this spring and probably added a couple of more followers to their fanbase. And right so! The alternative rock of ZIO is very very good, and should not only be heard by us Swiss lads.

Check out their MySpace where you can find more songs, and also the shops to buy their CDs (like CDBaby, iTunes etc.). I offer you the new song Soot here, and also the great Queen from ZIOs debut album The Oblivion Fair. Highly recommended!!! 

ZIO – Soot (MP3)
ZIO – Queen (MP3)

Sweden’s Ronderlin has just released their new album, The Great Investigation, and it turned out to be quite good. But if an album of great tunes wasn’t enough, the band has just put up a new, non-album track on their MySpace. Come With Your Heart And Soul is another catchy and very pleasant tune that merges perfectly into the bands previous releases. Also on MySpace, you can find two more songs for free from the latest album, and make sure you download my favourite tune from The Great Investigation, Way To Be, below!

Ronderlin – Come With Your Heart And Soul (MP3)
Ronderlin – Way To Be (MP3)

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