The Leaves Are Falling Again!

Although it looks like autumn outside, this one’s not about the weather. It’s about news from UK’s Falling Leaves: the rocksters are working hard on their debut album, so far titled The Almanac, which should be released in October. Nice guys they are, the fans already get a little peek into what they’re working at. A new song called Detroit 65 has been put up on MySpace (and now on this blog as well!), and although it still is a work in progress, it already sounds very promising! It’s only in 96Kbps, but that’s enough to give you a glimpse of what to expect.

I was also allowed to give you another one of their newer songs, The Rotherhide Diarist, a honest and down-to-earth rocker that should wet the appetite for more. A couple more songs are still available in glorious quality from their homepage and are highly recommended by me. Killer or The Fallen Leaves are songs that no one should miss, so go ahead and get the stuff before it’s too late! 🙂

The Falling Leaves – Detroit 65 (MP3)

The Falling Leaves – The Rotherhide Diarist (MP3)

Bonus: MOTM‘s favourite instrumental tune of 2006!

The Falling Leaves – The Fallen Leaves (Instrumental) (MP3)

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