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You might have read it already on either Mortens or Peter‘s blog, or even at Schallgrenzen itself, but a noble quest like this deserves every promotion it can get! I’m talking about the first (and hopefully not the last!) Schallgrenzen-Festival, which will be held on December 15th in Hildesheim, Germany.

When I started my Make-A-Wish-contest last year (read here), Radio-DJ Peter from Schallgrenzen said that his wish would be to organize a small, but fine concert series in his hometown of Hildesheim. And now, only about half a year later, it looks like his wish is going to come true!

He has managed to book three excellent Danish bands and a local German band for his festival. Juli Kapelle from Hildesheim will open the evening, followed by Late Night Venture, Volvoe and the fabulous Windermere. In my opinion an excellent line-up for a festival, and good enough for me to take a 7-hour-train-ride up to Hildesheim! If all goes as planned, Morten and Peter will also join the crowd, so it looks like it’s going to be a really great weekend. And who knows… maybe we’ll also meet some of our readers there?

So if you’re around that neck of the wood in December, mark the date in your calenders and join us for great music, great fun and great food (Peter, hope the Spaghetti kettle is big enough! 😉 ).

Juli Kapelle – …die tor macht weit (MP3)

Juli Kapelle – sinn!! (MP3)

Volvoe – Remedy (MP3, via Morten)

Volvoe – Snowscape (MP3, via Peter)

Late Night Venture – Lazy Star (MP3)

Late Night Venture – Pay The Moon (MP3)

Windermere – You Have It All

Windermere – Trailer Park (MP3)

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