When The Inspector Calls…

It’s another Visit-Denmark-day today. It still amazes me that a country so small brings out so many great artists (Switzerland’s only a bit smaller, but compared to the band-output of Denmark, it seems a bit like a wasteland…). Anyway, I got a visit from Inspector Seven One on MySpace recently, and when an inspector knocks, you let him in, don’t you? And some good songs really help to gain entry to my MySpace as well, and on that matter, Inspector Seven One never had to fear rejection!

Inspector Seven One was ignited in 2004 by Ulrik Andersen, who plays guitar and bass, and Rene Odgaard on drums and programming. They already had written a few songs, but had yet to find a vocalist. This took almost two years, but good things come to those who wait. When Dan Johannesson remixed and sang some of their tunes, it was clear for Ulrik and Rene that the search was over, and the perfect singer was found!

The sound of Inspector Seven One is quite interesting. Dan Johannesson‘s excellent voice guides the synthies through the “solid wall of fat rock music”, and it all adds up to a perfect blend of ElectRock. The best comparisons are probably their Danish mates from Carpark North or Spleen United. The Inspector‘s influences department on MySpace lists bands like Muse, Rammstein, Depeche Mode and Genesis amongst a few others, and although there are some hints of those bands to be found in the songs, it all sounds quite original nonetheless.

The band only played their debut concert back in March this year, and has just finished their first 4-track-EP called Dream Machine, to be released in a few weeks. They still are unsigned, but I hope for them that something will come up soon. Carpark North did it, Spleen United did it, so Inspector Seven One could do it, too… let’s keep our fingers crossed!

I can only give you 1-minute-snippets of each song as a download, but you can listen to the full tracks on the following pages:



Inspector Seven One – Unprotected

Inspector Seven One – Dream Machine

Inspector Seven One – 3

Inspector Seven One – Shine Your Past Away

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