Welcome To The North

has just beaten me to it, but a band as good as this one really deserves every promotion. And with the arrival of Great Northern‘s debut album here yesterday, I’m more than eager to present this band to you as well.

So, Great Northern then. No, they’re not Scandinavians, nor Canadians, nor from the Northpole. It’s Los Angeles, California, where the band has their HQ. And somehow, if you listen to their music, you can feel some of that coast-cruising, beachcombing Californian influence. But there’s more to the sound of Great Northern. The album Trading Twilight For Daylight is full of dreamy, melancholic and very atmospheric songs that take you on a journey through everything that makes a great pop record. “Doesn’t it make you feel good?” sings Rachel Stolte on one of the songs, and you can only answer with a big YES to that.

Stolte and her musical partner Solon Bixler add another great album to 2007 which I’m sure will be found somewhere in my top-list by the end of the year. And I’m also sure that Trading Twilight For Daylight will be a true companion through this year’s summer!

There are some immediate earcatchers on the album, like the beautiful Home, the up-tempo, tap-along The Middle, or opener Our Bleeding Hearts. Other songs need a bit more time, but once it clicks, you’ll realize that there’s not one weak song on the album.

Enough of the talking now; as always, let the music speak for itself. So go now and discover this little gem, and I guarantee that you won’t regret it.
If you’re looking for a summer soundtrack, don’t look any further… it’s right here!



Low Is A Height (MP3)

Home (MP3)

The Middle (MP3)

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