A Symphony For You

Another Last.FM-discovery of the weekend is Public Symphony. Born in a studio in London’s Brick Lane by two guys named Dobs (vocals, piano, guitar, programming) and James (piano, bass guitar, drum programming and production), the band has already released an album in a do-it-all-yourself way.

Reviews of the self-titled album range from A Pink Floyd For The Coldplay Generation to A Trip To Dreamworld, and it was indeed Pink Floyd that came to my mind first. The musical creations of Public Symphony sound lush and uplifting, and even if there are many comparisons to other bands, they managed to give the songs their own stamp.

The band is currently supporting Marillion on their UK gigs. The album is available via their homepage where you can also stream it. Here are four downloads from the band’s Last.FM-profile. There’s also a pretty cool video for their great song Stronger that you can check out below!




Public Symphony – Stronger (MP3)

Public Symphony – Touch (MP3)

Public Symphony – White Dove (MP3)

Public Symphony – Rise & Shine (MP3)

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