New Band To Waltz Along With

The request of new MySpace-friends has recently slowed down a bit, and I’m not really concerned about it. It’s definitely no use to have 1000s of “friends”, but half of them doesn’t do anything on MySpace, or just place ads into the comments or bulletin section. So I also checked through all my current friends recently, and discovered that there were already a few that no longer exist, or have even changed the band name. And there are quite a few ones that I don’t even remember accepting! Anyway, a few requests still drop in from time to time, and every now and then, there’s an artists that deserves more attention.

When London band The Waltz knocked on my door last week, I opened it widely after I’ve heard the three songs they’re offering. Their indie-rock with heavy Britpop-influences is really something worth hearing. All of the three songs have great potential and caught my ear immediately. Be it the slow build-up of Man On The Run that remembered me of those early glorious Oasis-days, the uptempo, pure-pleasure of The Call, or the gripping rock-tale that is Walk The Line… each one has its own distinctive quality and will go straight into your head. The Waltz don’t re-invent the wheel, but they certainly take the old barrow on an entertaining ride around the block!

There’s not much information on the band itself (and a google search for “Waltz London” doesn’t get you any further either!), only some names (Jon Matthews, Ian Welham and Matt Welham (brothers?)), and some blog entries about the band’s recent gigs. According to one posting, the band only played their first concert back in September 2006.

Well, I do hope there will be more news about The Waltz in the future, as I think that these guys are very talented and should fit perfectly in the current music topography. Enough words now, listen to those three great songs below and visit the band on MySpace! Start the hype! 🙂

The Waltz – Man On The Run (MP3)

The Waltz – The Call (MP3)

The Waltz – Walk The Line (MP3)

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