Anathema – Live Review

This was the second time I saw Anathema live; the first time, they were “only” the supporting act for Porcupine Tree, but even in the short time they had back then, they were very convicing. So I was of course very curious how they’d do as a headliner.

But first we had to go through the supporting act called Moondawn, a Swiss melodic metal band with a female singer. Their mix of Evanescence and Nightwish was rather… hm, well… average. I guess these are the occasions that mobile-games were invented for. 🙂

After a short break, Anathema entered the stage. The star of the band clearly is singer and guitarist Vincent Cavanagh who got the loudest cheering when he appeared. He came across very natural, greeted some of the fans that he recognized from earlier concerts, and also welcomed the crowd with a few German words. Very nice indeed!

Musically, the band was also in a very good mood. They played right through their back catalogue (but left out the older, death-metally stuff… thank you!), with a strong focus on their latest (and in my opinion best) release A Natural Disaster. My highlights were Balance/Closer (still a strong opener), Temporary Peace, A Natural Disaster (with guest vocals from the lovely Lee) and Hope. They also played the occasional new song, and they all sounded very good to me.

Vincent kept talking about the new album, so it seems that someting is in the making although the band is still unsigned. I’ve found a provisional tracklist on the Net (see below), and I really hope that this new album will see the light of day soon. Songwriter/guitarist Danny Cavanagh has let us know that one of the new songs, Angels Walk Among Us, will be available as a free download from this week on, so keep checking their homepage (or this blog… I will definitely post it when it’s out!). Two of the other new songs, Everything and A Simple Mistake, are also still available (Links below).

The band played over for over 2 hours, and I guess it could have gone on for at least another hour. It was a very good atmosphere, and Anathema proved that they can easily perform as a headliner. There will be more concerts across Europe, and I think they’ll also play some festivals. Check their website for the dates and go if you can!

Apparantly, there are some record companies interested in signing the band, but nothing has been decided yet. I just hope that Anathema will soon get out of that unsigned state they’re in, and that we soon can enjoy more of this great music. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Anathema – A Natural Disaster (Live)

Anathema – Everything (Live)

Anathema – Hope (Live)

Anathema – Flying (Live)

“Everything” projected track listing:

01. Thin Air (Ann Further)

02. Bricks (working title)

03. Lightning Song

04. Sunlight

05. Get Off. Get Out. (working title)

06. Angels Walk Among Us

07. Everything (MP3)

08. A Simple Mistake (ZIP-File)

09. Voodoo (working title)

10. Masters (No One Is Free)

11. Paradigm Shift

12. Hindsight

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