Some Things On Early Saturday Morning

First of all, a big THANK YOU to all readers out there! You made May the strongest month in the history of this blog. Woohooo, I say! 🙂

Last.FM has been bought by CBS… hmm. From what one hears, there won’t be any changes in the site’s philosophy. I’m not too sure yet though… what do you think?

The Anathema concert on Thursday was excellent! Gig review and pics will follow next week!

Quick music tipp for the weekend: Ola Podrida

New project from Texan-born, New York-resident singer/songwriter David Wingo. Normally, he’s writing movie soundtracks, but for Ola Podrida, he gathered round some musicians and created some tunes for your own movie. Cindy turned out extremely good… give it a listen!
Ola Podrida – Cindy (MP3)

Last but not least, MOTM Hot Tracks has been updated. Click the banner on top right to get there!

I’m off to a weekend in Germany now with some friends; bit of shopping, bit of sightseeing, bit of food and probably some beers as well. Prost!


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