Band Of Horses Live

So I went to see the Band Of Horses‘ only concert in Switzerland yesterday. I did miss Midlake in April, so I made sure that this wouldn’t happen again with my other favourite band from 2006!

I remember the Boa in Lucerne as a good concert location (saw Calexico & Iron And Wine there last year). It’s spacious, and you get good views to the stage even from the back. Well, that is if there’s enough people at the concert. What I completely forgot about is that there’s also a smaller room with a smaller stage, and since there were only about 50 or so people attending yesterday, the Band Of Horses played in that sticky, sweaty and smoky room… hmm…

The concert started with Wayne Robbins & The Hellsayers. a band from North Carolina. Their mix of folk and indie-rock was quite good, and the guys seemed to have fun on stage. They didn’t completely knock me out of my socks, but I’ve seen far worse. Listen to some songs below.

Then it was time for the Horses. Crammed on the stage, the guys around singer/songwriter Ben Bridwell were obviously in a good playing mood. Might have been the beers that they’ve had before (I’ve seen them a few times out in the lounge, and everytime accompanied by a bottle! 🙂 ), or the fact that Switzerland showed its best side when they arrived (snow-capped mountains and sunshine). Anyway, they were very convincing from the beginning, and didn’t loose that until the end of the show.

Of course they played all the hits from their debut (and that means almost every song! 🙂 ). There were also a couple of new ones from the next album, to be released in October, and they sounded quite interesting. One of them reminded me of old Supertramp voice-wise, and I mean that in a positive way! The other one was a witty, almost jazzy and fun uptempo-number. Looks like there’s another great album coming our way!

After about an hour, the concert was over, and although I could have done with some more songs, I was glad to leave the room. A concert in a smoker’s lounge just isn’t my idea of fun. The gig itself was good though, and I’m really looking forward to that new album now.

Here’s a pic I took yesterday… no, it’s not a zombie, it’s Ben Bridwell! 😀

So tonight, I’m going to see Anathema, but thankfully in another, bigger location. Concert review will follow!

Band Of Horses – Monsters (Live)

Band Of Horses – The Funeral (Live)

Band Of Horses – The Great Salt Lake (Live)

Band Of Horses – The Funeral (Studio Version)

Band Of Horses – The Great Salt Lake (Studio Version)

Wayne Robbins & The Hellsayers – Jesus

Wayne Robbins & The Hellsayers – Time Is A Bird In Your Eyes

Wayne Robbins & The Hellsayers – Sunset Ode

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