Transmission From Sweden

I’ve posted Antennas‘ song Adapt! a while ago in a mixtape, but I think the band really needs some more promotion than just that. So here we go:

Antennas is a three-piece from Sweden, were founded around 2004 and originally named Novak. After two of the founding members left, the band changed not only the name, but also their musical style into a more rocking, mature and modern sound. “Lo-Fi aesthetics meet full-on orchestration with strings and horns” and “Nice harmonies meet disortion and glitches of noise” is what the label says, and if that isn’t enough to convince you, they do provide some tasters to do the rest!

The Antennas have just released their debut album Sins, and while first single Always On My Mind was a bit on the psychedelic and darker side, new one Adapt! is a catchy and danceable pop-tune with lush instrumentation and clever chorus. This is stuff that should be played on the radio all day!

So put these songs here on your computers, portables, cellphones or whatever you’re using to listen to music these days… the sound will remain highly enjoyable on any device! 🙂

Antennas – Adapt! (MP3)

Antennas – Always On My Mind (MP3)

Novak – It All Works Out In The End (MP3)

Novak – She (MP3)

Novak – Went To A Dance (MP3)

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