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Finnish indie-rock-band Tinker has released 3 new demos, and all of them are worth an earful. It’s amazing how easy it seems for them to create those catchy songs. I can only repeat what I’ve written before: in a perfect world, these guys would be huge! Check out the songs (and the older ones on the official homepage!), and visit them on MySpace.

Tinker – Cynic’s Heart

Tinker – Sleepwalk (MP3)

Tinker – Tonight And Me (MP3)

I’ve collected some free songs from Viola, another Finnish act, over the last couple of months, but I’ve never found an official homepage (have to admit that my search wasn’t that intensive…). But via the link-list on Tinker‘s site, I finally found it. Viola have been around for a couple of years now, and they have just released their latest album, Wonderabilia. Their electronic pop songs might seem a bit outdated at first, but you just can’t help to like them anyway. As they say themselves: Only pop slogans can break your heart! So give them a listen and fall in love with those pop gems. Find more free stuff on their homepage.

Viola – Since Forever Now (MP3)

Viola – I Don’t Know How To Party (MP3)

Viola – Sad Eyed Disco Dancer (MP3)

Viola – Lovelights (MP3)

The Myriad from Seattle contacted me on MySpace recently (like many others that still need approval…), but it didn’t take me long to accept the friendship with this band after I’ve heard their song Stretched Over. While it might not be something new or innovative, it remains a really catchy alternative rock-tune that deserves a few spins. Perfect Obligation is a bit more laid-back, but just as good as Stretched Over. Well, listen for yourselves!

The Myriad – Stretched Over (MP3)

The Myriad – Perfect Obligation (MP3)

Sweden’s Ronderlin have finally released their new album The Great Investigation. The excellent new single Wake Up is available for download on MySpace (or here 🙂 ), as well as Aside and Way To Be from the same album. If you don’t already know this band, you really need to check them out!

Ronderlin – Wake Up (MP3)

Ronderlin – Reflected (MP3, from Wave Another Day Goodbye)

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