Flashback Friday – A Little Brit-Pop-History

Today’s Flasback Friday doesn’t take us too far back; but thinking about it… 1993 is already 14 years ago, so I guess this is enough for a Flashback! 1993 saw the release of the debut album from a certain band called Dodgy, and as you might know, around this year, Brit-Pop started to take off. Dodgy were there to give their share to English music history!

Dodgy was founded by Nigel Clark (vocals, bass) and Mathew Priest (drums) from Birmingham, together with Londoner Andy Miller (guitars) somewhen around 1990. They released a couple of singles during the next two years (the rather catchy Easy Way amongst them). The following debut album called The Dodgy Album (!) was produced by none other than Ian Broudie, the creative genius behind The Lightning Seeds. Although it was a good album that got decent critics, it was only with their second album Homegrown and the accompanying single Staying Out For The Summer, released in 1995, that Dodgy scored their first chart points.

Just one year later, Free Peace Sweet saw the light of day and would become Dodgy‘s best-selling album. The singles In A Room and Good Enough climbed up the charts and fast became signature tunes for the band. Good Enough was an immediate Brit-Pop-classic, and you can still hear it on the radio nowadays. But my personal favourite still is Ain’t No Longer Asking, a great, atmospheric tune that perfectly reflects the “we do it for fun”-aspect of the band.

In 1998, Nigel Clark left the band. Mathew Priest and Andy Miller continued the band as a five-piece, with new singer David Bassey, keyboardist Chris Hallam and bassist Nick Abnett. They released another album called Real Estate in 2001, but shortly after decided to lay Dodgy to rest. Two best-of-compilations were released, one in 1997, the other one in 2004.

Mathew Priest is now a drummer with indie-band The Electric Soft Parade, and also maintains Dodgy‘s MySpace-site which is still up and running (he’s just posted a funny article about his adventures on an American airport while touring with TESP!). Andy Miller has a new band called Hey Gravity!, and Nigel Clark has just released his solo debut last November.

Dodgy may not have been the greatest Brit-Pop-heroes, but they have demonstrated more than once that they had an unmistakable talent to create great songs with classic British pop influence. You could even say that they were amongst the vanguards of the sound that would come to dominate the British music scene for the late 90ies. So let’s enjoy some of those tunes now and think back to the days when Brit-Pop took it’s first baby-steps!

Dodgy – Easy Way
Dodgy – Brighter Than The Sun (Previously Unreleased)
Dodgy – In A Room
Dodgy – Good Enough
Dodgy – Ain’t No Longer Asking

Staying Out For The Summer:

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