Tonspion Roundup

Here are the latest discoveries from German’s Tonspion:

Velour – If You Really Want Me

Danish bubblegum-pop; has already been promoted by Morten. Great summer-tune!


Velour – Starla

Velour – Pam And The Important Man

Bang Gang – It’s Alright

Beautiful indie-pop from Iceland. Tonspion rates their 2004 album Something Wrong as one of the best pop-albums released lately… and they could even be right!


Bang Gang – Follow

Bang Gang – Something Wrong

Half Cousin – Jim’s Crash Memory

This Scottish band mixes Folk with Kraut-Rock, adds a hint of Lo-Fi-Electronica, and puts all of that in a pop-blender… they surely serve a very special cocktail! Give it a try, you might like it!

Sally Shapiro – I’ll Be By Your Side

Here’s your 80s-disco-tune! At first you might think how cheesy and outdated this song is, but the young Swedish singer somehow manages to get you hooked to it. First name that came to my mind was Mylene Farmer, and that is really not a bad sign. Well, decide for yourself!

Oh, and make sure you visit Peter‘s blog and download those great songs from UK’s The Ambience!

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