I’ve written about the split of Belarus just last week, and now it seems that all is not lost. Former band member Matt has decided to post some of the band’s songs on two MySpace-sites, and is even trying to release the debut album somehow for interested fans. Very good news indeed! If you listen to the songs on those sites, you’ll see that this is an album worth being released!

Belarus – On The Spot

Belarus – Reaction (MP3)

Sir Salvatore have knocked on my MySpace-door with a very friendly message, and after listening to their songs, I’ve decided to let them in. The band from San Francisco has lately been compared to The Strokes, Tapes n’ Tapes, Pavement or Death Cab For Cutie, and as it looks, they’ve already gotten some attention in the blogosphere. Right so! The songs are really catchy and fresh, and should appeal to every indie-rock-lover. Well, enough talking, let the music speak. Here are two songs from their latest EP:

Sir Salvatore – Hooray This Projector (MP3)

Sir Salvatore – Public Key (MP3)

I’ve read about Isle Of Thieves a few months ago (I just can’t remember where… probably during my holiday in Canada or I’ve read it on some blog…), but somehow forgot about them again. But good music wants to be found, so I was very glad that the band has finally found my MySpace. The Toronto band was founded only in 2006 and is currently recording their first full length album. If cool indie-rock is what you’re after, you should download and listen to the songs available on their two MySpace-sites, ey!

Isle Of Thieves – Rockstar (MP3)

Isle Of Thieves – Love Artificial (MP3)

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