More Free Sounds

Continuing to catch up. Today, I’m offering you the stuff that German webzine has found over the last weeks. The magazine is one of the best designed on the net; even if you can’t read German, you should check it out! Here’s the music:

California Snow Story – Suddenly Everything Happens

Nice Indie-Pop

22-Pistepirkko – I Knew

Finnish Folk-Pop

The Golden Dogs – Never Meant Any Harm

Cool Indie-Rock

Klaxons – Atlantis To Interzone

New Brit… still not too keen on the band…

The Electric Soft Parade – If That’s The Case, Then I Don’t Know

New album on the way… stream it here. Doesn’t sound too bad to me!

Club 8 – Spring Came, Rain Fell

Another Labrador-favourite… as good as you can expect it!

New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream

Quirky Electro-Pop-tune.

The Frames – Falling Slowly (via InSound)

Excellent AlternRock-song!

And here’s a funny new addition to your Last.FM-account: Last-TV takes your personal Last.FM-radio station and gathers the apt music videos from YouTube for you to watch. Just visit Last.TV’s website, enter your Last.FM username and get them going. It still has a few glitches (instead of a music video by Keane, it showed me a football scene with Roy Keane… 😀 ), but it’s a nice way to kill some time. Give it a try!

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