Guess Who’s Back!

Yep, it’s me! After two weeks of diving in the Caribbean, and one week skiing in the Alps (quite a contrast!), I’m ready for new music, and there seems to be lots around! I’ve already visited some blogs, worked my way through the mailbox and listened to some of my latest CD arrivals. I’m nowhere near ready to present it all to you, but I will start to put it all together during this week. Just a little more patience, please… 🙂

For now, I’ll give you a nice little story. Actually, it’s an article I’ve read in The Guardian whilst flying back from my diving holiday. It really put a smile on my face… maybe it does the same for you! Here goes the story of proud mum Sara Howard:

Sick of the Wiggles, I decided to make an adult-friendly kids’ playlist for my four-year-old son. I couldn’t bear the thought of enduring another long drive singing Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga.

So I downloaded a few of my childhood favourites, including the Muppets’ Manamanah and The Bare Necessities, along with sing-along old hits such as Eagle Rock and Mellow Yellow (yellow being my son Dylan’s absolute favourite colour in the whole world).

But it was another yellow-themed song, Yellow Submarine, that was the greatest hit. I loved the Beatles as a child, and remember discovering Dad’s vinyl collection – and later discussing The White Album with him (I loathed it).

As Ringo’s voice rang through the car stereo for the first time, I turned to see Dylan’s delighted face. At the end he said: “That was so cool, Mummy – I think that it must be sung by Superman.”

I don’t think a music critic could ever give the Beatles a better review.

And here’s one song that has been following me during the last three weeks:

(actually, the new album was the most heard one during my holiday… that’s how good it is!!!)

Last but not least, some holiday snaps… enjoy! 🙂


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