Flashback Friday – Not Quite…

I’ll be gone in a FLASH, and won’t be BACK for three weeks…

yep, that’s right. As of tomorrow, I will start my well-earned (stop laughing there in the back!) holiday, and since no one has invented underwater-blogging yet, there won’t be anything new for you to read here. I’ll be back after Easter (if I’m not kidnapped by the Easterbunny, that is!).

But before I go, there are a few things I wanted to share with you:

First of all, AirSpiel has given me permission to post three more songs from their album (read about it here). Better still, these are my three favourites. How good is that? The band also has a profile on bebo (click here) where they will be featured for the whole next week, and you can stream the complete album there. Last but not least, visit their homepage to order the album for only £6.50… I’m sure you can afford that! So here are the songs:

I Woke Up One Day
Final Chapter

Further on, tWAMi has posted a quite excellent remix of New Legs, a song by Danish/Swedish pop-gang Lampshade. You can get the song on his MySpace or via Morten’s post (where you can also get the original version of the song).

Peter from Schallgrenzen has posted a new song by melancho-rockers Antimatter. Hope the new album will turn out as good as the last one! We will know from April 13th when Leaving Eden will be released.

Manchester lads The Tides have put up a new demo on their MySpace called Legal Violence. No download, but the song is worth an earful! Sounds very Stone Roseish to me.

Morten has already found the new song by Ronderlin on MySpace (check his blog for the download), and now there’s also a video to go with the song. Here it is:

Quick tipp: here’s a pretty cool song by Swedish band United. If you like Interpol or Echo And The Bunnymen, this might be something for you!
United – Made For Us (MP3)

Last but not least: the hugger has a fancy new design, The Torture Garden has posted a huuuuuuuuuuge list of free MP3s, and I really like the cover of Travis‘ next album:

That’s about it. Sorry that this was not the usual Flashback Friday post, but I will continue that after my return. Have a good time, you all, and [Schwarzenegger-mode]I’LL BE BACK!!![/Schwarzenegger-mode]


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