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I’ve mentioned Glasgow band AirSpiel on various occasions on my blog, and finally, the band has finished and released their debut album In Another Life. It’s a collection of well-crafted, epic rock tunes with great potential to get stuck in your head once you’ve heard them. Album-opener Sign Away for example builds up slowly and is brought to an enormous finale with crashing guitars, guided by the significant singing of David Merry. It’s him that gives AirSpiel that distinctive feel; his voice changes from melancholic to angry and is always recognizable. But his four bandmates are in no way put into the background. The guitar solos are always in the right place (especially good on title-track In Another Life), there’s some nice piano/keyboard work (Home is a perfect example for that), and the bass and drums are also put to good use. All in all, this is a very enjoyable ride!

The band has agreed to do an interview, and here’s what they had to say (DM is singer Dave Merry, and JH is guitarist John Harris… and you know who MOTM is, don’t you? 🙂 ):

MOTM: You have been playing together for several years now. Can you tell us some of the highlights in AirSpiel’s history?
DM: For me, the highlights are playing at the Carling Academy in Glasgow last year, and our recent album launch at ABC in Glasgow. The night at ABC was great and we are really pleased with how the album has turned out.
JH: Yeah, the album launch was amazing, as well as the alcohol consumption during the aftershow party!!!

MOTM: And is there anything you wouldn’t miss if you had to go through it all again?
JH: No, but I would have left out a few sambuccas at the aftershow party, couldn’t remember how I got home 🙂

MOTM: Where does the name AirSpiel come from?
DM: We used to be called The Past, but there were a few other bands around with that name, so we decided to change that and go for something unique. I speak a bit of German and the name AirSpiel was born. As you know this translates into Airplay in English. Since we have changed our name it has been a lot easier for people to find us. There are many Pasts but only one AirSpiel!

MOTM: Your debut album In Another Life has just been released, and it has quite a few songs that would probably work very well for large crowds in big stadiums. Is this something you’d like to do, or would you prefer to keep things smaller?
DM: For me, playing to large crowds is the ultimate goal. We have quite a big sound, and so I think our music suits bigger venues. Hopefully, we will get close to that level if we keep working hard at our music and promote ourselves in the right way.

MOTM: Any plans for a wider European tour?
DM: We would love to do a European tour, but it really all depends upon the success of our album. If the demand was there, we would definitely be up for it. I think our sound would appeal to the European market, so it’s something we will look to do in the future.

We are planning to do a UK tour in the summer which should help us build awareness.
JH: Yeah, we’d love to add some European birds to our ever growing squad of groupies!!

MOTM: You have chosen a rather melancholic theme for your album; a lot of the songs deal with loneliness, frustration and missed opportunities. How did it come to this?
DM: Good question!! Personally, I had a few things going on last year, and I think that has affected the overall mood of the album. The theme for the album wasn’t really deliberate, but more a reflection of the above. Saying that, I have always been into music which is fairly melancholic. I am into bands such as Muse and have been listening to a lot of old Paul Simon stuff recently – not the cheeriest music! We hope to start work on another album shortly, and I would like to think that will be a lot more upbeat – don’t count on it though!!
JH: Yeah, Dave was a miserable dick all last year, but he’s better now, so I reckon the next album will have a more upbeat feel to it. But you never know, it might be my turn to lose my girlfriend, house and job this year, so I wouldn’t bet on it 😉 (DM: Ignore that last sentence, Chris!!).

MOTM: The internet has become a major part in promoting music these days for lesser-known acts. What do you think about the whole blog promotion and sites like MySpace or PureVolume? Blessing or curse?
DM: I think sites like MySpace are great for lesser-known acts, simply for the fact it gets your music out there. It’s really satisfying to have people hear your music and get positive feedback on it. However, when you listen to other bands it makes you realise how tough the competition is, as there are some great bands who for one reason or another will never make it big.

We have found blog promotion to be really effective. When you featured us previously on Music of the Moment, it pretty much doubled the number of hits which we were getting on myspace, and we were also getting about 20-30 downloads a day.
JH: If it works for Tila Tequila, then it could work for us!!

MOTM: A few quick questions:

Last album you’ve bought?
DM: Arcade Fire. Neon Bible.

JH: Bloc Party – A Weekend In The City
Best concert you’ve seen?
DM: Hmm, tough one. Boy Kill Boy at T in the Park 2006.
JH: Interpol – T In The Park 2005.
Best band ever?
DM: The Beatles.
JH: Led Zeppelin

Last movie you’ve seen?

DM: Minority Report.
JH: The Number 23
Who should buy your album, and why?
DM: Everyone ;-). I think our album would appeal to a variety of people because there are different styles within it, with strong melodies.

So here’s a great new band that should get not only your attention. I really hope they’ll reach a wide audience with their debut album. So go ahead and spread the word! 🙂

I hope that I can post another song for you; I’m waiting for the band’s reply, but as I apparently used all my bandwith on fileden anyway, there’s no hurry; you’ll read it here when it happens. In the meantime, you can listen to some songs on the official site (where you can also order the album!) and on MySpace (there, you’ll also find the epic Final Chapter, which will probably be the first single. Good choice!)

Dave and John, thanks once again for the time you took and for the album, really apprechiate it. Best luck to you!

AirSpiel Official



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