Around The Blogs

There’s a new song from Electronic-Pop-Rockers Viola. Quite cool it is, too!
(thanks to It’s A Trap)
Viola – Since Forever Now (MP3)

Guitars-For-Mars-Merz has finally discovered great Canadian Dreampop-act Au4. Well, better late than never! 😀 If you don’t already know this band, change it… NOW! Start with this video here, and then visit their homepage to stream the complete album. It’s fantastic!

Everything Always Moving

Schallgrenzen-Peter offers some Danish sauce for your ears. The band’s called Gravy, and is really worth a few minutes of your time!
Gravy – Meltdown (MP3)

Peter also found Last.FM‘s Mainstream-O-Meter, a new little gadget to check how mainstream your music behaviour is. I’m at 22.42%, and I can live with that. I guess most of the points go to Keane, Coldplay and Muse which are all in my top-15. So, let me know: how mainstream are you?

Jamie from the Runout Groove has discovered a new band called Meg with a few very appealing songs. Firework in Progress is especially good. Check out his blog!

mp3hugger has something for electronica fans as he compares Kopernik to Jean-Michel Jarré, but with a modern twist. I quite like that stuff. Go and listen for yourselves. And whilst you’re there, check out the posting just above Kopernik for a great shoegazer song by Wry!a


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