Flashback Friday – Guilty Pleasures

This week’s Flashback Friday is all about those cheesy hits everyone talked about, but no one listened to! At least not if you were (or thought you were) with the in-crowd. And if you did, you probably told no one about it! Anyhoo… there were some bad crimes during the 80ies that are probably best forgotten, but now that we’ve all grown old enough to stand by our sins, here’s a selection of my guilty pleasures:

A bunch of singing youngsters with some bad rapping, simple rhythm section, but a simply irresistible chorus. Even my parents were humming along this reggae-for-beginners-tune! Not that this is a sign of quality…

If I’m right, this was a German band. Painting-by-numbers-rock this is, but once again, it was the chorus that did it for me. Mentioning this band amongst heavy-metal-fans was definitely a big NO-NO back then!

When everyone was high on Jermaine‘s little brother (you know who!), I thought this was a welcome change. I don’t really know what made the song attractive for me in the first place… guess it wasn’t the singing! But in a strange way I still like it… a bit…

And we danced!!! Those two were the hottest duo for some time and a real floor-filler at the local disco. I was even close to seeing them live, but fate had other plans… one of them (I think it was Mel…) fell ill at that time and died a few months later. Sad story… but she’ll be remembered by this and a couple of other great dance tracks!

If there’s one happy song in the world, it must be this one. Same goes for the one cheesy song in the world! I was “tortured” by my sister with the songs of Luv, and I must have cracked one day. Listen to it, and you won’t get that “La-la-lala-lala-lala, la-la-lala-lala-la” out of your head for the rest of the day! (Isn’t that a great outfit, btw.??? 😀 )

Don’t know what attracted me to this one… ahem… well, maybe I do… 🙂 Well, no excuse here; guess if you were a young man at this time, there was no way around Miss Fox (and I mean this in a musical way, of course!!!).

Produced by her now-husband Michael Cretu, this German singer delivered the hymn for our disco days… this was the cure for every lame party. Yes, we were simple minds back then…

Can’t have the one without the other… Mr Cretu himself has written his own signature tune, and after the release of this, Maria Magdalena and the Samurai were a couple for life. That goes for the songs as well as for the artists!

It’s not really a sign of quality when TV actors start to sing. I don’t even know which series Corley was in (Denver Clan?), but I know he was in there somewhere. Well, he somehow managed to creep inside my head back then and placed this tune into my musical memory. At least I managed to keep clear of Denver Clan and the likes!

I hope I haven’t embarrassed myself too much and you will return again next Friday… I promise to post about something more substantial then! 🙂

btw.: feel free to embarrass yourselves… the comments are open to everyone! 😀


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