Here Comes The Flood

Got a recommendation on Last.FM for The Brent Flood, a London-based indie-rock band. After a few listenings, I thought this is a worthy band to promote. So here you are:

Formed in 1997 in Northern Ireland, The Brent Flood have been continuously writing and releasing songs, and established themselves as a good live band in Belfast. In 2002, after a few lineup changes, the band moved to Bristol, and while studying at Bristol University, became a regular act at various student venues.

In summer 2005, the band then moved to London to become a part in the more vibrant music scene and it didn’t take long for them to become a well-engaged live act. They continued to write new songs and released more EPs.

The Brent Flood is now a four-piece, consisting of J. Marsh on vocals and guitar, Rob Chesterman, also guitar, Eddie Stalsberg on bass and Chris Chesterman on drums. Comparisons to their music range from bands as varied as The Smiths and Radiohead, and their sound often has a hint of post-rock bands such as Interpol and British Sea Power. And indeed, their mix of melancholic vocal melodies and sweeping, swaggering guitar riffs may remind you of all those bands, but still maintain their very own distinctive style.

On their official site, The Brent Flood offer various MP3s of their songs. I’ve picked three of my favourites for this posting, and I recommend that you visit their site and listen to the other ones… chances are good that you will find something you like!

The Mariner’s Tale (MP3)
Burn (MP3)
Heavy Petting (MP3)


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