An Evening To Remember…

No, I’m not talking about the Oscars (although they were ok this year, but not really something to remember…). I’m talking about last Saturday when Blackfield visited Switzerland, and I visited them. I have already praised their second album (read here), and I was really curious to hear the new songs live. But before that, there was the interview…

I’ve already mentioned that a friend from online-magazine asked me to join him for the interview with Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen, and of course I couldn’t say no to that. So I was quite nervous as I’ve never done something like that before (I once had a meet-and-greet with the Simple Minds, but it was short and with a whole bunch of other fans), but once we got backstage and started talking to Aviv and Steven, the nervousness fell off immediately. The fact that both artists were very relaxed and friendly really helped, and we had a good and interesting talk for about 40 minutes. I will post the interview here as soon as it’s ready.

The concert then started with a surprisingly good band called Pure Reason Revolution. I’ve never heard anything about them before, but their sound was interesting enough for me to buy a CD. Once I’ve gathered a bit more information, I’ll feature them here.

And then the second highlight of the evening followed: I was trusted with a digicam to shoot pictures of Blackfield on stage for the review of! So for the first three songs, I found myself in the photographer’s pit and fired away. Excellent experience! I haven’t seen all the pics (hope they turned out well!), but here are some teasers. I will post some more with the interview.

Blackfield‘s performance that night was the icing on the cake. Steven and Aviv served a great mix of both albums and amazed the audience from the very first minute. The new songs sounded perfect, with Epidemic and a glorious End Of The World being the most impressive ones. Further highlights were Steven‘s gripping version of Alanis Morissette’s Thank You, and Aviv singing Glow just accompanied by the piano. Fun fact: there was only one song they played twice, and guess what it’s called? Right: Once! 🙂 Also fitting was that after the End Of The World, they started the encores with Hello… I sense a bit of British humor here! 😉

The whole evening was just awesome! Meeting two of todays most talented artists, the photo shooting, a great opening and an even greater main act… what more can a music junkie ask for? I am really thankful that I had the possibility to experience this, and this evening will remain in my memory forever.

I can only urge you again to listen to this band and whenever possible, to go and see a gig. If you’re into mature, melancholic and masterful pop-music, you don’t need to look further than Blackfield!

Blackfield Official Site

End Of The World (MP3)
Cloudy Now (Live, MP3)

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