This ‘n That

OK, these MySpace-links really are useless, in a way. I use Firefox and a download manager, and yesterday morning at the office, the download worked flawlessly. But then at home, with the same browser, I got an “access denied”. Jeffro and Morten used Internet Explorer, and they weren’t able to download at all. It apparently works for some if you visit a bands MySpace and download directly from there, but I’ve heard from others that even this doesn’t work all the time. I hope this is a work in progress, and we’ll soon be able to feature proper links to those files. I’m keeping my finger on the pulse; thanks for the feedback, Jeffro and Morten!

I’ve updated my link list, and welcome the following blogs to my blogroll:

Mentioned this one in my last Flasback Friday post. Great source for 80s-remix-lovers!

Welcome To My Dream
Similar to DreamtimeMix, this one has a bunch of 80s-remixes, too. Relatively new, but with great potential!

This blogger crawls the net for free music, be it EPs, live recordings or even whole albums. Good one!

I also wanted to delete a few links that are no longer updated. One of them is Merz’s blog Mars Needs Guitars. I thought it’d be a good idea to check the blog before I delete the link, and guess what? There is a new entry, posted today! It’s only a U2-video, and although the fact that it is the song Numb doesn’t sound too positive, I really hope that we will get to hear more again from Merz. Please visit his blog and let him know we miss him!

Sadly, another blog hasn’t been updated for almost half a year now: Let’s Kiss And Make Up. The fabulous writing and great music links will be missed… 😦

Damn!!! One of the best multimedia search engines, Singingfish, has been killed by AOL! What you get now is a crappy video search engine with blinking buttons and lousy results! Thank you very much, AOL! 😦

I’m gonna see Genesis-Coverband The Musical Box tonight. I’ve seen them two years ago, and their re-enactment of the original stage show was just brilliant. Tonight, they’ll be playing Selling England By The Pound, and I’m really looking forward to it as this set will contain one of my all-time-favourite Genesis-songs: Firth Of Fifth!


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