This ‘n That

Morten has found out that the MySpace downloads are back in a decent quality. On the other hand there obviously is a problem with linking to the files. I haven’t had time to check it out properly, but will do so soon.

Glaswegians Airspiel have sent me a message and announced the release of their debut album In Another Life for February 24th. Really looking forward to this, and I’m gonna post my review asap! Visit their homepage for sounds.

I’ve written about the beautiful pop music of Iceland’s Ampop and wondered where to buy the CDs. So I’ve asked the band via MySpace, and they’ve sent me a link to an Icelandic webshop where all their CDs (and much more!) are available. So for all of you who want to own more music from Icelandic artists, visit this site (there are also tons of free MP3s!):
Ampop – Sail To The Moon (MP3)

I may have changed my musical preferences over the years, but I’ve never stopped loving the music of Billy Joel. And now, after 13 years, he has released a new pop song. It’s a nice piano ballad, and the folks at have an exclusive listening post for it. If this marks the beginning of more new songs and hopefully an European tour, I’ll be more than happy!

Eardrums blog recommends a wonderful new band from Norway called Twinklehead. Their sound immediately reminded me of Midlake, with lots of references to 60s/70s mellow-pop bands. Great stuff! Visit Eardrums for one more song.
Twinklehead – After (MP3)
Twinklehead – Teardrop (Sample)

Last Second Thoughts blog gives us his thoughts on the James reunion and offers a live video of Say Something. And – like me – he wishes the band to play a concert near him… let’s hope both our wishes will come true!

FreeIndie blog has an article about the Plug Awards 2007. Their album of the year is one of my favourites… find out which one here!

Mew have a new feature on their homepage: a Video Journal. Check it out here!

Don’t know where I picked up racingpaperplanes, but I really like their stuff. They have released a special websingle, and it’s yours for free! Don’t miss this!!!
racingpaperplanes – In Company Of Ghosts (MP3)
racingpaperplanes – City Lights (MP3)

Porcupine Tree has released the tracklist and artwork for their next album, Fear Of A Blank Planet. You can imagine that I’m really excited only by the length of the tracks! The album is set to be released in April.

“I See Dead People…”

1. Fear of a Blank Planet (7.28)
2. My Ashes (5.07)
3. Anesthetize (17.42)
4. Sentimental (5.26)
5. Way Out of Here (7.37)
6. Sleep Together (7.28)

And for all lovers of new rock music with a big reference to 70ies-Classic-Rock: listen to this one by German band Earth Flight!
Earth Flight – Running


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