"I Just Want A Free Deal…"

Freewheelin’ Belfast boy Duke Special aka Peter Wilson is currently roaming the charts with his latest single Freewheel, and to be honest: if the charts had more songs like this, even I would turn on the radio more often! But as it is, this nice and catchy pop hymn is still an exception amidst all the chart rubbish.

Rantings aside, I’ve just got a message that the Duke is giving away a free 5-song-mini-album, consisting of rare tracks and B-Sides. He’s put up a fine website for this which you can find via the link below. Just turn the pages, enter an email-address (any will do! 🙂 ), and download the five songs. And if you happen to visit one of his concerts (tourdates are also listed on that webpage), you can even buy a limited edition wallet for your self-burnt CD. Nice one! Here’s the link:


And here’s a song from last year’s SXSW festival (it’s still labelled as “Freewheel”, but it’s the other song)

Last Night I Nearly Died (SXSW Version)


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