More Prog!

Last week, UK-based Prog-Rockers Magenta knocked on my MySpace-door, and I was happy to let them in. Prog-Rock with a female voice is too tempting to miss. So who’s Magenta then?

The band consists of 6 members. Multi-talent Rob Reed started composing and playing the first songs back in 2001 and originally intended these first works to be a studio-only project. Already working on this project as well were guitarist Chris Fry and singer Christina, who later became permanent band members of Magenta. Revolutions – as this first album was called – was released to wide acclaim, and soon the public demanded live shows of the band. So after gathering more musicians, Magenta began touring and stunned the audience with their dynamic and entertaining shows.

In March 2004, Magenta‘s second album, Seven, was released, followed by a double live album at the end of the same year. Both releases were instant winners with the prog press, and received various awards. In 2005, the band recorded their first live DVD and was now playing many festivals as a headlining act. 2006 saw the release of their third album Home, which – you guessed it – was received very well again by fans and press alike.

The band has now moved to a new label, and will release a new single called Speechless on March 19th. They have set up a mini-site for this release here. And they offer some full songs on their homepage; first one The Visionary is from their latest album Home, and Gluttony, the second one, is a live-favourite taken from the album Seven. Third one called White Lies is a 11-minute-epic from New York Suite, a mini-album released together with the Home Special Edition. You can also find more samples on their homepage, or here.

Fans of Classic Prog-Rock should take a few minutes and listen to this band. I haven’t heard the complete album yet, but guessing from the reviews, anyone into old Genesis, Yes or even Pink Floyd should be happy with Magenta.

The Visionary (MP3)
Gluttony (MP3)
White Lies (MP3)


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