This ‘n That

The links to last Friday’s Flashback files are now working again… get the tunes and your dancing shoes!

Plague Of Angels has two new Idlewild-songs… thanks for that!

Sweden’s Amandine will release their new album soon, and we can already listen to a new song called Secrets. I think it’s a great indie-pop-hymn. Download it here:
Amandine – Secrets (MP3)

I’ve written about Plastik before (read here), but Plastik are no longer Plastik. They are now called God Love You For A Liar. They reckon it sounds “more poetic”. Hmmm…
God Love You For A Liar – Dead Star (MP3)

The Sandwich Club brings us a new band called Hip Pocket all along from Down Under. They Kick Ya So Hard must be the coolest song I’ve heard so far this year. Get it over at the club!

Peter from Schallgrenzen rocks our socks off with his newest discovery, SubArachnoid. Out of this world!!!
SubArachnoid – Honorable Mention (MP3)

Pastries, Peppers And Canals is back on the blogger-map! Hope she’ll stay for good this time! 🙂

My Flashback Friday post about The Adventures has been getting lots of feedback (read here). Good news is that the fansite I mentioned in the post is still up, and you can find it here. Thanks, John, for the information!

That’s all, folks!


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